What to eat in Myanmar?

Must-try food in Myanmar :

  1. Mohinga (popular snacks at any time of day or night)

    Soup of fine rice noodles served in herbal fishing with crunchy pitch of banana ,hearty shallot,sliced hard-boiled egg and akyaw,crispy fried vegetables.

  2. Nangyi Thoke

    Thick round rice noodles with chicken,thin slices of fish cake,boiled bean sprouts and slices of hard-boiled egg .The ingridents are mixed with roasted chickpeas flour and chili oil and thrown by hand.

  3. Shan Style Tofu Noodle

    One of the most popular dishes of Shan ethnic group I Myanmar: Hto-Phu-Nwe (Warm Tofu).

    Thin rice noodles with the sticky yellow material,chunks of marinated pork or chicken and vegetables.

  4. Shan Noodle

    Soup or Salad of thin rice noodle with marinated chicken or pork,garnished with toasted sesmae and garlic oil and slide of pickle vegetables.

  1. Burmese Tea Shop Meal (Myanmar Tea with snacks)

Most of Myanmar eat tea shop meal in the morning for breakfast.Tea shop will serve you small cup of local tea with some tasty snacks:Samosas or Pani Puri (fired bread with potato curry),Nanbya bread and E Kyar Kway (Youtiao).

  1. Tea Leaf Salad(Lephet thoke)

    Mix of Tea leaf,small cabbage,cherry romatoes,crispily fried beans,nuts and peas,oil and garlic.

  2. Burmese Curry – Ngapi

    Most of Myanmar people cuisine usually include soup of Ngapi,pungent pastes made of either fish or shrimp .It is a singnature of Burmese Cuisine.

  1. Shwe Yin Aye (refreshing dessert)

    Mixture of coconut milk ,assorted jellies and sometimes ice cream and bread and ice.